What is Aqua Trekking?

What is Aqua Trekking? 

Quite simply, a hike that involves water! 

We started using the phrase ‘AquaTrekking’ as we explored swim routes along the Cornish South West coast path. Hiking out from the start point and having a recce of the swim back meant we could spot potential hazards from currents, wind or shallow rocks, areas that might be worth diving down and exploring and secret beaches along the way.

The hike out to a new swim route

The hike out is often as fun as the swim back. Exploring new routes and access points adds a sense of adventure and discovery to really get the adventure juices going. A keen eye for small fisherman’s trails helps with finding routes that are in difficult to reach areas. 

Kitting up

The transition from land to sea is made easy with the AquaTrek®36. The removable harness goes inside the pack with the rest of your hiking kit to create a completely waterproof pack. At 36L theres enough space for all of your clothes, food and drink for a day out on the water. 

Exploring the coastline

Swimming back along the coast is where we are at our happiest. Immersed in saltwater and stopping to take in the views this unique perspective of the coastline gives you at sea level. 

Ocean life is also abundant here on the edge, from the varied and colourful sea weeds, crabs, seals, fish and rocky channels the sea is always full of surprises and is a magical playground.

Abundant sea-life

A pair of spider crabs along the route.

Stopping at secret beaches

One of the best things about Aqua Trekking is getting away from the masses and being able to access hard to reach areas. There are so many beaches across Cornwall that are only accessible by sea that taking a bit of time out to enjoy the secret coves and sandy stretches is a must.

Mission complete!

There’s a whole range of Aqua Trek routes across the South West ranging in distance between 1 – 3 km. Stay tuned for some of our favourite routes and maps!

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