AquaTrek®36 maintenance

To maintain the IPX7 waterproof rating of the zipper it is important to lubricate zipper before use and repeat maintenance steps regularly. 

1. Zipper Closure

Locate the zipper closure for both zippers.

2. Apply lubricant

A generous amount of lubricant needs to be applied at the zipper closure. Use a finger to apply lubricant above, below and inside the seal. Failing to apply lubricant correctly and regularly may cause a defect in the bags performance. 

3. Lubricate length of zipper

Apply a pea sized dot of lubricant every 15cm under the length of the zipper so the lubricant touches the zipper teeth. Open and close the zipper several times.

4. Wipe with dry cloth

When the zipper is in the closed position remove any excess lubricant with a dry cloth or paper towel. Make sure zipper is in the closed position so only excess lubricant is removed. 

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