Ulu Dry Bags - inflatable, high vis dry bags perfect for open water swimming to keep your clothes and accessories dry

So, why is a tow-float a good idea for open water swimming?

Good question! There’s a number of different benefits to using a tow-float in open water:-


Visibility to other water users

As swimmers we are submersed in the water and are already barely visible to other water craft. Any light wind, chop or glare from the sun can also impair others seeing us.

A tow-float sits on top of the water meaning watercraft will see us much earlier reducing the chance of a collision.

Carrying a means of calling for help

Sometimes you can’t always wave, shout or whistle to get attention from the shore. By taking a mobile phone in a waterproof case you can call the coastguard and ask for help if needed.

To hold on to

Floating down stream or taking in the scenery, a tow float is something to hold onto when in the water.

Clothing and valuables

Take clothes and valuables on 1 way swims or keep your valuables safe and off the shore.

Visible to SAR

The SOLAS reflective material makes you more visible to Search And Rescue services should you need their services.

Swimming in a pack

It can be hard to keep sight of other swimmers in a pack, tow floats help make this easier by providing a higher level of visisbility.


White light waterproof to 100m and visible up to 5 km away

Dry Bags - tow float

Ulu x OSS Partnership


Ulu x Outdoor Swimming Society partnership tow-float

Dry Bags - tow float

Guardian II – Pink


Designed from consultation with safety experts.

Dry Bags - tow float

Guardian II – Yellow


Designed from consultation with safety experts.


AquaTrek® 36


Waterproof backpack 

Built for the ocean

Out of stock

Dry Bags - tow float

Adventure Pro


IPX7 waterproof

Action camera mount 



Dry Bags - tow float

Guardian II – Orange


Designed from consultation with safety experts.

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